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The potential

There have been many proposals put on the table from Ropemakers 25K house proposal to the Stop Harlow North’s Great Gilston Park and many inbetween, something can be done with the land for the benefit of Harlow, High Wych, Gilston, Pye Corner and Sawbridgeworth, it is our aim to take as many views as we can to drive this project from the community upwards.

Caring for…

Jobs, shops, play, school, trains all 20 mins from home
75% lower emissions than average UK homes
50% heat from solar panels
10% of power generated through wind turbines
Recycles 75% of waste, including foul waste
Plant 10 trees for every person in development
The community is to be engaged in all levels of decision-making and delivery process
Opportunities for social contact whilst
Encouraging Individual Identity
Social cohesion and inclusiveness
Dynamic not static communities
Long-term responsibility for estate maintenance
Social Enterprise culture
Business start-ups encouraged
Childcare and play facilities
Safe havens for children
Shared goal of resource conservation
Master-planning to respond to unique physical constraints of site and its relationship with rest of Harlow
Architect and planning team to follow design and materials templates
Quality durable, natural locally available materials specified
Houses fully naturally ventilated
High levels of natural light
Schools within 20 minutes walking distance of all houses
Academy of Sustainability providing Building Trades NVQA level up to MSC Engineering
Integrate Theory and Practice
Encourage a creative and positive nature through celebration of Art and Culture
Local Eco-Cycles-eg waste water treatment-fertilizer production-organic food produced and consumed locally
Composting of organic waste
Compacting of bulk materials
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